DH Licht GmbH

Assimilation luminaires with full spectrum and high-pressure sodium lamps or the latest LED technology: Our developments include over 30 years of experience in the horticultural industry

DH Licht GmbH is based in Wülfrath, Nord-Rhein-Westfalen, near Düsseldorf, Essen and Wuppertal. The production takes place exclusively in Germany, because we are convinced: Only “Made in Germany” guarantees a constant quality of our products. DH Licht works closely with research institutes and universities. We offer efficient LED luminaires and lighting systems with highly efficient ceramic metal halide lamps (CDM and MGR) and classic high-pressure sodium lamps (SON) for all areas of application. With our high-quality housings, our luminaires are versatile and very well suited for research as well as for plant production.

For the research area, up to 8 channels can be individually controlled with the LED-KE 308. It is also possible to use UV light with the LED-KE 300 UV in order to examine specific plant physiological processes. In addition to adjustable research lights for commercial horticulture, we have developed an LED luminaire (LED-KE 300 VSP), which emits a light spectrum similar to that of the sun, which is well suited for most crops. We also offer highly efficient and flexible shelf luminaires for the growing vertical farming market.

We are continuously working on new technologies for horticultural lighting. We are actively involved in two research projects (MinTHG and Lichtfalle). We can use the knowledge gained from these research projects to continuously improve our products.

Our sustainability promise

For us, sustainability means first and foremost: Quality! Because only what lasts long is sustainable. Our quality guarantee is: “Made in Germany”. DH Licht only works with suppliers selected according to strict criteria, so that the highest level of quality can always be guaranteed! In all of our products we use recyclable
materials. All components in the LED-KE and LED-LE luminaire series are interchangeable. A repair or an update can be carried out at any time. DH light products are also energy-saving, which we not only achieve with our own electronic ballasts, but also through the use of the latest LED technology.

We are glad to offer you solutions for your projects and accompany you from the first idea to implementation.

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