LED-KE 300

LED-KE 300

LED luminaire with a wide range of uses in research institutes and climatic chambers.


4 adjustable light channels


 Made in Germany.


All components can be exchanged.


286 W

Photon flux

780 µmol/s


4 adjustable light channels


all components are interchangeable

LED-luminaire with four adjustable light channels for many applications

With the LED-KE 300 a total of 4 channels can be regulated independently. With a power 286 watts, the photon flux is approx. 780 µmol / s. The LED-KE 300 can be dimmed flicker-free thanks to amplitude dimming of 100 -1 % output.

Our contribution to sustainability:

With the LED-KE 300 it is possible to exchange all components and thus the luminaire is particularly sustainable, as only a one-time purchase of the housing is necessary. A repair or an update can be carried out at any time.


Technical specifications* LED-KE 300
Power [W] 286
Photon flux [µmol/s] 780
Protection class
Light spectrum
BB, R, FR, W
Adjustable light channels

* stated values subject to technical changes