High power light for multilayer culture systems


4 adjustable light channels

Effective cooling system

Available in passive air cooling or active water cooling


Made in Germany


All components can be excanched


up to 900 W

Effektive cooling

Water or air cooled


up to 4 adjustable light channels


all components are interchangeable

The LED-LE lighting system from DH Licht cannot be surpassed in terms of flexibility and application thanks to its modular structure. Whether in production and research, in climate and phenotyping chambers, in greenhouses or multi-layer culture systems. The LED-LE can be individually adapted to your needs and always offers optimal light. The luminaire can be equipped with LED boards on one or both sides. Up to an output of 200 watts, the LED-LE is passively air cooled.

For very high light requirements, the LED-LE lighting system can be equipped with active water cooling. As a result, the system can be operated with up to 900 watts and a photon flow of over 2430 µmol/s can be generated. Active water cooling has the advantage that the heat from the LEDs can be dissipated in a targeted manner in order to ensure the longevity of the LED-luminaires and to reduce the heat impact in climatic chambers.

Our contribution to sustainability:

With the LED-LE it is possible to replace all components and thus the luminaire is particularly sustainable, since only a one-time purchase of the housing is necessary. A repair or an update can be carried out at any time without any problems.


Technical specifications* LED-LE
Power [W] up to 900
Photon flux [µmol/s] up to 2430
protection class IP65
Lightspectrum BB, R, FR, W or sunlike
Adjustable light channels up to 4

stated values subject to technical changes