Inexpensive luminaire for horticultural farms

Proven light for horticulture

suitable for all crops


up to 665 W

Photon flux

up to 1,100 µmol/s


suitable for all crops


easy installation

For many applications, conventional high-pressure sodium discharge-luminaires (HPS) are still the most economical assimilation luminaires. The SON-K 400 is a plant growing luminaire made of extruded aluminum with protection class IP23, excellent mechanical strength and high corrosion resistance. The SON-K 400 contains an effective and energysaving reflector made of pure aluminum. The SON-K 400 is equipped with the SOD Agro 400-230 lamp.

The SON-K 600 is one of the most economical assimilation luminaires. The SON-K 600 is suitable for higher light intensities for commercial plant production in greenhouses. The luminaire is equipped with the SOD Agro 600-230 lamp, which emits light with a power of 600 W. The SON-K 600 is operated with 230 V. The SON-K 600 is available on request for a 400 V connection.

Technical specification* SON-K 400
SON-K 600-230
Power [W] 465 665
Photon flux [µmol/s] 725 1,100
Protection class IP23 IP23
Light spectrum HPS HPS
Weight  [kg] 10.0 11,5
Lamp SOD Agro 400-230 SOD Agro 600-230

stated values subject to technical changes