Whether assimilation lights with full spectrum, high-pressure sodium lamps or the latest LED technology: Our developments have over 30 years of experience in horticulture lighting.


The lighting conditions are particularly demanding for research institutes. The required light intensities are above the values ​​for commercial horticulture. Sunlight-like lighting conditions are also required to conduct environmentally close experiments. To investigate how plant physiological processes react to a changed light environment, LED lights offer the greatest flexibility.


In order to cultivate high vegetables, herbs and ornamental plants all year round, artificial light is necessary in the winter months to ensure consistent quality. In addition to the right light intensity, the spectral light quality also plays a major role. Due to the increased proportion of blue light, the external and internal plant quality can be improved with luminaires that generate a light spectrum similar to sunlight.

Vertical farming

With increasing urbanization and due to the consequences of climate change, the area of closed vertical cultivation will grow, so that the need for highly efficient LED lights will also increase. For indoor vertical cultivation, we have several lighting systems that are suitable for efficient plant production.

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