"Welcome to DH Licht, the expert of innovative plant lighting."

Wir entwickeln und fertigen hocheffiziente Leuchten für Pflanzen in Gewächshäusern, Forschungseinrichtungen und geschlossenen Mehrlagenkulturanlagen

The company


e know all about plant lighting.
Whether assimilation fixtures with full spectrum and high pressure sodium lamps or modern LED technology: There are 30 years of experience in supporting horticulture businesses.

Since 2004 we supply customers with luminaires from our own manufacturing.

The products


ou can rely on 30 years of experience.
For every purpose we offer you the right assimilation light fixture.
Regardless whether you need it for the cultivation of ornamental plants, fruits, vegetables or young plants.
Further you will find lightings for climatic and phenotyping chambers as well as in-vitro lighting.

Of course you also can get professional lightings for showrooms in garden centers and floristries.
For all these solutions quality is our highest claim.

Our service


o matter how good the products are the company will succeed with service quality.
DH Licht puts a particular value on end-to-end costumer care so that there’s nothing left to be desired.

Starting with the first consultation followed with the installation of your new lighting system and ends with service, repair or technical support:
You can always count on us.