Efficient luminaires with sun-like light for horticultural industry

High quality of light

emits a sun-like light spectrum


up to 345 W

Photon flux

up to 546 µmol/s

High quality of light



easy installation

CDM-KE is the top seller from DH Licht GmbH from Wülfrath. The luminaire with an electronical ballast has become a successful model on the market. The lamp emits an light spectrum similar like sun light.

The CDM-KE I (315 W) and the CDM-KE II (630 W) have been specially developed for horticulturaindustry that place high demands on the quality of light. The CDM-KE II contains two lamps (CDM-TP E 315-942) that can be switched on separately. The CDM-KE I 210-DI is dimmable with a power of 210 W.


Technical specifications* CDM-KE 210 DI
Power [W] 240 345
Photon flux [µmol/s] 365 546
Protection class
IP23 IP23
Light spectrum
sun-like sun-like
Dimmable yes no
Lamp CDM-TP E210-942 CHD-TP E 315-942

* stated values subject to technical changes