LED-LE – Flexibility with new standards

The new LED light system made by DH Licht with its modular construction can’t be surpassed in flexibility and application.

From manufacturing or research, in greenhouses, multilayer cultivation system with or without daylight – the new LED-LE can be modified individually and provides optimal light.

The basic system consists out of an extruded aluminium profile (patent pending) that can be assembled with LED circuit boards on one or two sides. The LED-LE is passively cooled by air flow to 200 Watt power. For higher power active water cooling is used. Thus the system can be equipped with up to 800 Watt with a photon flux of more than 2000 µmol/s. In addition the LED-LE can be mounted horizontal and vertical.

The LED drivers are located in a separate housing. The LED circuit boards can be equipped with different spectra. Of course the used LED colours are individually steerable and dimmable so that the spectrum can be optimized for every type of cultivation and growth phase.

The control of the LED-LE can be implemented into a climate computer or can be used with our software VisuSpectrum and a commercial computer.

The active cooling of the LED-LE can be realized with commercial water through-flow cooler. Therefore a calculation for the flow rate and water temperature matching the luminaire setup is absolutely necessary. To guarantee the best possible heat dissipation in climatic chambers the manufacturer of the climatic chambers should be integrated into the planning of the light installation.

The LED-LE has IP65 protection. It has to be operated on a 230 Volt / 50 Hz power source.

For power input an easy to install plug socket system with IP65 protection is used.

* these values are subject to technical changes

Our contribution to sustainability:

With the LED-LE, all components can be exchanged and the luminaire is therefore particularly sustainable, since only a single purchase of the housing is required. A repair or update can be carried out at any time without any problems.


  • upt to 2000 µmol/s
  • IP65
  • 450 nm, 470 nm, 660 nm, 730 nm
  • 4 colours dimmable
Product data sheet

Technical data LED-LE

  • Article number: LED-LE
  • Material: Extruded anodised EV 1 aluminium
  • IP65 plug connection system
  • Protection class: I
  • Protection: IP 65
  • Voltage: 230 V / 50 Hz
  • Measurements: 400 – 2000 mm
  • Amplitudes dimming 100 % -1 %