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e know all about plant lighting.
Whether assimilation fixtures with full spectrum and high pressure sodium lamps or modern LED technology: There are 30 years of experience in supporting horticulture businesses.

Since 2004 we supply customers with luminaires from our own manufacturing.

The company is headquartered in Wülfrath and thus in the catchment area of the big cities Düsseldorf, Essen and Wuppertal. The manufacturing only takes place in Germany because we are convinced that only “made in Germany” guarantees a constant quality of the products.

We are constantly working on new technologies for the exposure of plants. In doing so, the latest research results are always incorporated in terms of the diverse interrelationships between exposure, energetic concerns and growth. In the development of new luminaires and systems, we work closely with the leading manufacturers of lamps and LEDs. Only components from Germany or Europe are used.

About us

Facts and numbers

DH Licht works closely with research institutes and universities and is placed in all research universities. The high quality requirements in the laboratory and scientific fields entail that DH Licht products were placed in almost all chemical industries and research institutions.

We have already received a number of awards for our developments. In 2006, Professional Lighting – DH Licht GmbH won the INDEGA Innovation Award for the new developed SON-KE luminaire with electronic ballast. The Innovation Award of the BMELV, awarded by the Federal Minister of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection, also went to DH Licht in 2006.

At the International Plant Fair IPM in Essen in January 2009, DH Licht presented a further development of SON-KE luminaires. In 2012, DH Licht won the Taspo Award for the LED Production Module II and introduced in January 2013 the LED Production Module III, which won the INDEGA Innovation Award: “energy-efficient plant exposure system for in vitro, phyto and climatic chambers”

DH Licht works intensively on light plans and realization of:

  • Production greenhouses
  • Research greenhouses
  • Climatic chambers
  • Phyto chambers
  • Vernalisation
  • Sales greenhouses
  • Garden centers
  • Flower and plant stores

In order to comply the high demands on quality and development at any time, we are closely linked with similar companies in the ‘green industry’. We only work together with the technological market leaders.

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Our philosophy is very simple: quality counts.

Before adding a new product into our assortment we check and test it very carefully near practical conditions. Furthermore we develop our products permanently so that our costumers always get the latest technology.

Most of the raw material are “made in Germany”. The other materials are European and they are controlled very careful to give you always our highest quality standards.

DH Licht is pleased to help and advise you without engagement to find the right item for your belongings.

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Urban gardening: farming new identified

With our solutions for plant lightings new prospects are provided for fruit and vegetable cultivations. In this context an important keyword is urban gardening or urban farming. While the agriculture sector is concentrated in effective cultivating large areas the urban gardening also uses small areas for agricultural purposes. The dominating role here is the sustainability and the environment-friendly production but also the individual self-sufficiency.

Similar to the local electricity production the urban gardening is focused on local food production for the regional demands. The key factors here are greenhouses – and an intelligent plant lighting – to optimize the earnings with limited spaces and use resources.

And not least urban gardening follows the new trend to consider more about food and its production. Above this the fruit and vegetable cultivation contributes to the microclimate’s improvement and plays an important social role in the long-term development of the urban community.

Our vision is to support urban gardening with our technical solutions and our know-how and therefore bring back the fruit and vegetable cultivation to Germany. As a specialist in urban gardening we also advise URBANFARMERS from Switzerland who analyses this issue for many years. Watch our film for this purpose: DH Licht Film.

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Our sustainability promise

As a company who deals with plants and their growth we are particularly committed to the sustainability. Here our life cycle assessment measured by the benefit of our products is impressive.

For us sustainability means primarily quality. Because only long life times are sustainable. Our guarantee of quality is “made in Germany”. DH Licht works with suppliers who are selected with strict criteria so that highest quality is guaranteed.

For all our products we use recyclable and reusable raw materials. Above that the DH Licht products are energy-efficient. We reach the energy efficiency with electronic ballasts made by ourselves and also by using latest LED-technology.

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Meanwhile we look back on over 30 years of company history. According to that we have a lot of experience in supporting horticultural businesses and you find the experience also in each of our products.

Based on the gained experiences the years before DH Licht GmbH was founded in 2004. From this time on we operated under the brand name Professional Lighting.

In 2011 we moved to our new head office in the Robert-Bosch-Straße 35. We are located in a strategically good position between the big cities Düsseldorf, Essen and Wuppertal.

Research and development are important parts of our company policy. Over all the years we had new product and innovations to offer you the latest technology.

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