VisuSpectrum 3.0

The new LED-VisuSpectrum 3.0 is developed in cooperation with RAM. The software offers a modern surface and the possibility to set an individual spectrum with photon radiation which is relevant for plants. It is developed for the new LED-KE 308 and LED-KE 300-UV and for the first time it allows a regulation in the UV range. The controllable range is extended from
278 nm – 780 nm so that it is possible to control up to 12 wavelengths independently. For a hybrid or a mix light system the software offers switchable and controllable outputs for many of the DH Licht luminaires. The spectra are uploaded and can be viewed together with the LED luminaires.                                                                                                          
The user is able to set each of the wavelengths to 1 % up to 100 % output. VisuSpectrum 3.0 provides the opportunity to control the luminaires individually or to control them in groups. It is possible to save different switching times with different spectra which are automatically called up.                             
You only need an ordinary PC, laptop or a RAM climatic computer. To connect the software with the luminaires you need the LED-RAM-DALI Bridge.

* these values are subject to technical changes