Finalist of the German sustainability award design

LED-LE: Finalist of the German sustainability award design

The LED-LE is a highly efficient LED luminaire that saves energy and CO2 emissions. For plant research, the use of artificial light in closed rooms is necessary in order to simulate environmental conditions. To date, in these areas, high pressure discharge lamps have been used, which cause a very high power consumption and an enormous amount of heat. Passively cooled LED luminaires show energy savings compared to conventional discharge lamps, but still generate a considerable amount of heat. The solution was to develop a luminaire design with active water cooling in order to dissipate this heat in a targeted manner. The LED-LE saves considerable cooling costs and is particularly durable thanks to the water cooling. Due to the innovative design, all components can be exchanged. In addition to energy savings, we guarantee resource-saving and sustainable use for research and plant production.

Picture: DNP/Frank Fendler