Versatile software for the spectral control of LED luminaires


With the LED-KE 308 and the LED-KE 300 UV, up to 12 light channels can be controlled with the software.

Hybrid system

In addition to LED luminaires, high pressure discharge lights can also be controlled using the software.


control of up to 12 channels

Light recipes

simple culture adjustments


setting of time programs


intuitive control

The LED-VisuSpectrum software, developed in cooperation with RAM, offers the possibility of setting an individual light spectrum. The software was specially developed for the LED-KE and LED-LE luminaires. The adjustable range is from 275 nm – 780 nm. This gives you the option of regulating and controlling up to 12 channels independently of one another. Also high pressure discharge lamps can be controlled with the software.

The user is able to set each of the specified wavelengths to 1% to 100% power. VisuSpectrum offers the possibility to combine luminaires individually or in groups. A standard PC, laptop or RAM climate computer is required to operate the software. The LED-RAM-DALI bridge is used to connect software and luminaires.