LED luminaires with up to 8 adjustable channels


Water-coolable LED luminaires  with 4 adjustable channels

The LED-KE is a high-performance LED luminaire with a wide range of applications, e.g. in horticulture, in research institutes, in phenotyping and climatic chambers. With the LED-KE 300 and LED-KE 308, up to 8 light channels can be individually controlled. The LED-KE 300 VSP generates a sun-like light with a very high efficiency. The use of UV light is also possible with the LED-KE 300 UV.

The LED-LE lighting system from DH Licht has a modular structure and a high degree of flexibility. Whether in production and research, in climate and phenotyping chambers, in greenhouses or multi-layer culture systems. The LED-LE can be individually adapted to your needs and always offers optimal lighting conditions.