A mobile LED-laser-trap to rouse, attract, monitor and selectively combat herbivorous insects (LichtFalle)


The project aims to develop a mobile LED-laser trap for herbivorous insects. Optical, olfactory and mechanical stimuli are used to rouse winged insects from plants, attract them to the LED-trap, and lethally damage them by a laser beam. Knowledge on light color and intensity as well as combination with odors that stimulate the flight behavior of insects and their orientation is applied in order to collect insects on the trap. There, they are localized by means of intelligent image processing and herbivores are classified as targets for laser treatment. Consequently, non-herbivorous insects are allowed to leave the trap unharmed. The LED-laser trap will be set up on a vehicle that will eventually automatically move within the greenhouse and ensure flexible and thorough coverage of the plant stock.

Project partners:

Leibniz Universität Hannover

DH Licht GmbH

Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V

Götting KG